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How to use other people's Facebook groups to sell your services and products and have the group admins THANK you for it!


Stop Spamming Groups!

This strategy is going to teach you how to get customers and grow your audience without being a creepy spammer that does mass posting of links to groups.... if you do that,,, stop it! You're only attracting icky spammy people.

No Advertising Costs

Using just Facebook groups and your personal profile you can sell your products, services, or business opportunity. If your product or service is difficult to get approved on Facebook ads, this is good news for you!

Does This Work For....

If your customer hangs out on Facebook, then yes.  There are groups for EVERYTHING. And when you use them properly, you can find your perfect customers.

Does This Work Long Term?

This has been one of the most sustainable methods I've used for selling my products and services.  This method has worked for me for almost 10 years and works on other platforms that have groups (I started with Skype chat groups!)

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll get the complete A-Z on using your Facebook profile to bring customers to you through Facebook groups. It's a free strategy, that can be done completely from your phone, in less than 1 hour per day.

In 2008 I was laid off and broke staying in a friend's spare bedroom.  Without a home of my own I started a home based business.  As a recovering alcoholic, I had burned all of my connections to friends and family.  Living in a rural area, using the internet was my only option.


The method I'm sharing in the course was something I discovered by accident while chatting in Skype chat groups.  Then later when Facebook created groups I was able to duplicate this method in Facebook groups.


This method has worked for me with providing web design and creation, home based business opportunities, selling courses, selling physical products, offering coaching and also for finding FB advertising clients.


This method takes less than an hour a day, and can be done by people who are still working a job.  If you can use your phone on your lunch break this will work for you! For me, I do this while I'm drinking my morning coffee.


The best part is, admins of Facebook groups appreciate you doing this when you do it the right way.


Because there are a LOT of wrong ways to use Facebook groups for business.


This method does NOT teach you to post links into spammy groups.  That doesn't work, it only brings you icky spammy people that are broke and can't afford you.


With this method I've sold mini courses for $97, mid size courses for $495, business opportunities of multiple price points, and gained $2,000/month advertising clients.


If your customers are on Facebook, and there's a group for them (which there always is if you look for them) this will work for you!

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